Pirates- Steampunk

The Story So Far

The airship christened The Scurvy Ghost, finally outfitted and crewed, sets out to get its first taste of blood. A merchant ship owned by Nerrim Imported was intercepted and looted, its guard ship shot out of the sky and devoured by a strange flying creature. While looting, the crew stumbles upon a few pirate prisoners aboard and convince them to join up.

Rumors of a safe route through the leviathan infested waters to the south bring the crew to Rorse, one of the dwarven walking cities. There, they enter a contract with Bergryls Maxhammer, the only person alive to have studied the leviathans and lived. He claims to be able to bring them safely to the unexplored southern isles. A few snippets of nes are gained as well. The Tuttles (nemesis to Gunther Spade) have taken control of the Gold Cogs pirate gang. The dwarven/gnomish nation of Brogelle has banned elves from their major cities as well as any unlicensed magic users.

Intrigued by the possibilities of staking their claim on new territory, the scurvy Ghost flies south, raiding along the way. An easy raid of a town in the Tolbren colony of Qwen is followed by a run in with a well-fortified dwarf town called Craggen. It yields a stack of gold bars but leaves the ship badly damaged. On Rurik’s advice, they set course for a camp of sky gypsies, who ask few questions but are legendary negotiators. From there, it will be on to Kerrill to resupply and hopefully learn the location of a pirate hideaway.

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